Sentence Examples with the word Flourishes

It flourishes near water and in damp places.

The vine flourishes best in the valley of the Maros.

Tradeunionism flourishes in Denmark, and strikes are of frequent occurrence.

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The olive tree flourishes only in the Fayum and the oases.

Huc adds his testimony that this kind of rice flourishes in Manchuria, where no other will grow.

The cultivated area may be divided into five agrarian regions or zones, named after the variety of tree culture which flourishes in them.

Bee-keeping flourishes on the heaths on the right bank of the Elbe.

In western Russia it flourishes in lat.

The coffee, cotton and Guinea pepper plants are indigenous, and the tobacco plant flourishes in several districts.

Indeed, Ariel flourishes in the service of Prospero under the external government of the many-headed brute.