Sentence Examples with the word Florets

In the summer wheats it may often be observed that the median florets do not fill out so fully as in the autumn wheats.

In the dahlia the florets are rendered quilled, and are made to assume many glowing colours.

In the capitula of Compositae we sometimes find the florets converted into green leaves.

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This corolla occurs in many composite plants, as in the florets of dandelion, daisy and chicory.

The type form is the Caucasian species roseum of botanists, hardy perennial, with finely cut leaves and large flower heads, having a ray of deep rosecoloured ligulate florets surrounding the yellow centre or disk.

So also in Labiatae, such as dead-nettle (Lamium), the different whorls of inflorescence are developed centripetally, while the florets of the verticillaster are centrifugal.