Sentence Examples with the word Flogged

A great many leading men were flogged to death, all churches and synagogues were destroyed and all the Christians banished.

On returning to the Ukraine he settled down quietly on his paternal estate, and in all probability history would never have known his name if the intolerable persecution of a neighbouring Polish squire, who stole his hayricks and flogged his infant son to death, had not converted the thrifty and acquisitive Cossack husbandman into one of the most striking and sinister figures of modern times.

He did not like talking about his life as a soldier, though he did not complain, and often mentioned that he had not been flogged once during the whole of his army service.

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It was always Prince Albert's opinion that if Oxford had been flogged the attempt of Francis on the queen in 1842 and of Bean in the same year would never have been perpetrated.

In the autumn Caesar held a conference at Durocortorum (Reims), and Acco, a chief of the Senones, was convicted of treason and flogged to death.

John Hylilas was deposed and flogged in turn.

At Alea, in the Peloponnese, women were flogged in the temple of Dionysus (Pausanias, Arcad.

At the Roman Lupercalia women were flogged by the celebrants to avert sterility or as a purificatory ceremony (W.

Titus drove into exile or reduced to slavery those who had served Nero, of ter they had first been flogged in the amphitheatre.

The penance lasted 332 days, during which they flogged themselves with thongs fitted with four iron points.