Sentence Examples with the word Flipping

A scorpion fell out and she gasped in horror, flipping it away with her boot.

After flipping through a few channels, Carmen decided to take a long bath.

Her sister waited in the reception room, sipping tea and flipping through a magazine.

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Deidre hugged herself and padded down the hallway, her heart flipping in her chest.

The dealers stuck below are flipping out.

She handed him the book and he followed her into the barn, flipping through the pages.

The heavy bowl made an uncontrolled dive off the shelf into her hand, flipping before she caught it with the other.

If she's flipping out, you can call Lon's wife, Linda.

Jessi's heart was flipping in her chest, and she was finding it hard to breathe at the thought of a second night with him.

He jumped to his feet flipping light switches and stumbling through both rooms, barely seeing still-sleeping Cynthia through eyes pinched nearly closed against the intrusive brightness.