Sentence Examples with the word Flipped

There was something about A'Ran that flipped her world on end.

The man before her snatched one arm and flipped out a knife, cutting through her black clothing and tossing it aside.

The stone flipped back and forth, winking at her as it caught the light.

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She flipped her phone shut and stared absently at the table.

Carmen flipped through the book to the part on kidding problems and scanned down the directions.

She absently flipped through the pages to her bookmark.

He flipped through the address book in his phone and dialed the Watcher.

His rain coat flipped in the breeze, exposing rippling muscles in his thighs as the square toed boots sought and found solid footholds in the wet rock.

Jackson flipped pages in his note book.

She didn't wait for him but flipped off her sandals and jogged down the beach, towards the abandoned lot nearby.