Sentence Examples with the word Flinched

Jonathan Winston never flinched and his smile remained in place as he moved very close to Vinnie, nearly touching him.

Jenn flinched as it went through her.

She flinched away as his fingers rested on the clasp of her dress.

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Deidre flinched as the small blonde woman went down.

She flinched and moved away from the window to put the pot over a fire on the range.

The youth flinched at his movement, then stared at him suspiciously.

Taran flinched at the vision the words created.

He flinched as if he'd been hit, and she continued.

One drop then two fell to the ground, and he almost flinched at the thought of his only real food in a week escaping him.

He reached for her face, and she flinched away.