Sentence Examples with the word Fled

Seemed to the wearied English to betoken the advance of a great reserve, and in a few minutes the whole English army broke and fled in disorder down the slope.

The demon within Rissa was panicked, rippling her skin as it fled as far from Memon as possible.

In 874 they harried Mercia so cruelly that King Burgred fled in despair to Rome; the victors divided up his realm, taking the eastern half for themselves, and establishing in it a confederacy, whose jarls occupied the five boroughs of Stamford, Lincoln, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

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The sun flooded in through the still-open drapes, announcing that the violent storm of the night before had fled out to sea.

Everywhere Kutuzov retreated, but the enemy without waiting for his retreat fled in the opposite direction.

The widow of Agathocles fled to Seleucus, who at once invaded the territory of Lysimachus in Asia.

She nodded and fled to her room.

Onias was accused by his enemies of having given the information which led to this outrage and when, relying upon the support of the provincial governor, they proceeded to attempt assassination, he fled to Antioch and appealed to the king.

He also agreed to respect the freedom of the maroons who had fled from their masters to join the Cubans during the ten years war, and this led to Spains very soon granting gradual emancipation to the remainder of the slaves who had stood by their owners.

He was still allowed his liberty, but one night while supping with Walsingham's servant he observed a memorandum of the minister's concerning himself, fled to St John's Wood, where he was joined by some of his companions, and after disguising himself succeeded in reaching Harrow, where he was sheltered by a recent convert to Romanism.