Sentence Examples with the word Flanged

In the second method the rails have flat flanged bases which rest directly on the sleepers (fig.

A flanged cast-iron box, strongly r i bbed and open on one side, forms the centre of the polar axis.

The drum, when round ropes are used, is a plain broad cylinder, with flanged rims, and cased with soft wood packing, upon which the rope is coiled; the breadth is made sufficient to take the whole length of the rope at two laps.

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The joints of flanged rails are similar to those employed with bull-headed rails.

It was furnished with four strong flanged wheels and ran along a light broad-gauge (9 ft.) railway track, 1800 ft.

Both flanged and socketed celts occurred, the iron being much more numerous than the bronze.

Jessop thus produced what was virtually the flanged wheel of to-day, having the flanges inside the rails,.