Sentence Examples with the word Flags

Its provisions, held by some to be so unduly favourable to Russia as to justify the question whether she had not been victorious in the war, were as follows: Russia abandoned all pretensions to exercise a protectorate over the Christians in Turkey, or to an exclusive right of interference in the Danubian principalities, to which Bessarabia was restored; the navigation of the Danube was made free and placed under the supervision of an international commission; the Black Sea was closed to warships, while open to the commercial flags of all countries; the Asiatic frontier between the two empires remained unchanged; Turkey was admitted to the concert of Europe, and all the contracting parties agreed to respect her independence and the integrity of her territory; moreover, the provisions of the Tanzimat were reaffirmed in a fresh decree of the sultan, which was incorporated in the treaty, and further provided for a large measure of local autonomy for the Christian communities.

For these passages are not, like many to be found from the Renaissance to the end of the 18th century, obvious flags of truce to cover attacks - mere bowings in the house of Rimmon to prevent evil consequences.

That there might be no doubt of the friendly feeling of the French to the Porte, villages and towns which capitulated to the invaders were required to hoist the flags of both the Porte and the French republic, and in the thanksgiving prescribed to the Egyptians for their deliverance from the Mamelukes, prayer was to be offered for both the sultan and the French army.

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In conjunction with Basta he defeated the superior Transylvanian forces at Goroslo, expelling Sigismund Bfithory, who had again aspired to the crown, and taking one hundred and fifty flags and forty-five cannon.

Then, on the st Shawwal (15th June 747), the first solemn meeting took place and the black flags were unfolded.

They are invaluable to make flags flutter on a still day, when there is no wind.

Fitzgerald's entry was a flat trailer, pulled by a Jeep, bedecked with appropriate flags and bunting while a tiny speaker blared America the Beautiful.

Grabusa, long regarded as an impregnable fortress, was surrendered in 1692, Suda (where the flags of Turkey and the four protecting powers are now hoisted) and Spinalonga in 1715.

Never gave it a thought until Emma mentioned your opponent was all gussied up in flags and balloons.

By all these measures the slave trade, so far as it was carried on under the flags of European nations or for the supply of their colonies, ceased to exist.