Sentence Examples with the word Flagella

The larvae swim normally like the adult or suspend themselves by their flagella (not shown in the figures) vertically in mid-water.

In different parts of the coelenteron the endoderm may be of three principal types - (i) digestive endoderm, the primitive type, with cells of large size and considerably vacuolated, found in the hydranth; some of these cells may become special glandular cells, without flagella or contractile processes; (2) circulatory endoderm, without vacuoles and without basal contractile processes, found in the hydrorhiza and hydrocaulus; (3) supporting endoderm (fig.

Claparide and respective flagella l.f., t.f.; s.p., H.

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Both flagella are inserted close together, near the anterior end of the body.

About the eighth hour after commencement of development the membrane ruptures and the oval embryo escapes, swimming by means of its flagella at the surface of the sea for another twenty-four hours, during which the principal organs are laid down, although the mouth does not open until the close of this period.