Sentence Examples with the word Fittings

Towns spring up, such as Silchester, laid out in Roman fashion, furnished with public buildings of Roman type, and filled with houses which are Roman in fittings if not in plan.

The blocking ships were stripped of all fittings and filled with rubble and concrete.

It has therefore a double interest, as the home of the poet, and as a complete example of a German nobleman's house at the beginning of the 19th century, the furniture and fittings (in Goethe's study and bedroom down to the smallest details) remaining as they were when the poet died.

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Mechanical Arrangements Although the optical system is the first consideration in a microscope, the system is valueless if the fittings do not allow its correct use.

The principles are the same as those applied to low-pressure work, but all fittings and appliances must, of course, be made to stand the higher strain to which they are subjected.

Provincetown village was long second only to Gloucester in the cod fisheries, which low prices and the introduction of larger vessels and correspondingly costlier fittings have greatly 1 Sulla excluded the equites from the list; the lex Aurelia (70) reinstated them.

These fears have, however, fortunately proved to be unfounded, and ordinary gas fittings can be used with perfect safety with this gas.

Edison, with copious ingenuity, devised electric meters, electric mains, lamp fittings and generators complete for the purpose.

The fittings of the objective and the changer are so arranged that little or no fine adjustment is necessary after the change.

There are large glass, chemical and machine works; nuts and bolts are made, and lighthouse fittings are a specialty.