Sentence Examples with the word Fished

She found her purse, fished them out and threw them to him.

I fished around in the kitchen for matches.

This arrangement has the effect that the salts, as they separate out, slide down the sloping part and arrive in the central channel, which is not exposed to the fire-gases, so that they quietly settle there, without caking to the pan, until they are fished out by means of perforated ladles.

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Going down on one knee, he fished in his shirt pocket and came out with a diamond engagement ring.

The pupils sowed their own corn, fished in the streams, and milked their own cows.

The Algerian reefs are divided into ten portions, of which only one is fished annually - ten years being considered sufficient for the proper growth of the coral.

She fished the cell out of her purse and frowned.

They have told us how he never shot at a bird perching nor fished with a net, the creatures not having in such a case a fair chance for their lives; how he conducted himself in court and among villagers; how he ate his food, and lay in his bed, and sat in his carriage; how he rose up before the old man and the mourner; how he changed countenance when it thundered, and when he saw a grand display of viands at a feast.

I fished his cell number out of my pocket and dialed.

The largest and most productive of all the banks are situated on the Arabian side of the Gulf and are fished annually; the banks of the Persian coast are poor as well as small and are fished at infrequent intervals.