Sentence Examples with the word First stage

In 1864 it was the objective point of the first stage of General William T.

She found the maestro towards the end of 1837 dispirited by a temporary eclipse of popularity and in the first stage of his fatal malady, and carried him off to winter with her in the south.

Median intervocal d, represented by s (1) in the first stage of the language, has disappeared: f i d eti s gave fesel, then feel, and finally fel; vi d e t i s became oezets, then veets, vets and yea.

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This was the turning-point of the first stage in the struggle for Dutch independence.

In a somewhat similar fashion, Lamennais (in the first stage of his speculations, represented by the Essai sur l'indiference en matiere religieuse, 1817-18 21) endeavoured to destroy all rational certitude in order to establish the principle of authority; and the same profound distrust of the power of the natural reason to-arrive at truth is exemplified (though the allegation has been denied by the author) in Cardinal Newman.

The first stage is the eradication of vicious habits: evil tendencies are to be corrected, and a guard kept on the corrupt propensities of the reason.

Thus ended the first stage of the Thirty Years War, although some desultory fighting continued between the League and Danish its opponents.

In the first stage the ammonium compounds are oxidized to nitrites by the agency of very minute motile bacteria belonging to the genus Nitrosomonas.

The liquor was then filtered from the iron oxides, and the filtrate treated with scrap iron, which precipitated the copper and reformed ferrous chloride, which could be used in the first stage of the process.

In the first stage of the history of the statesgeneral Mirabeau's part was very great He was soon recognized as a leader, to the chagrin of Jean Joseph Mounier, because he always knew his own mind, and was prompt in emergencies.