Sentence Examples with the word First hand

But there exists no account at first hand of the exact facts, and Swedenborg's own reference to one of these instances admits of another explanation than the supernatural one.

She eagerly informed the pair how she planned to attend tomorrow's ice festival activities, in search of first hand research for what was sure to be a winning chapter.

So clear is the evidence on this point that any one adequately acquainted at first hand with the phenomena, by employing an albino of known gametic structure and mating it with a coloured individual, also of known gametic constitution, could predict the result.

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But (apart from the interpolations) it is only the entries after 11 21, where the first hand in the MS. ends, which were actually composed at Peterborough.

Nearly all men of high caste, and many of them recruited from Oudh, they dreaded tendencies which they deemed to be denationalizing, and they knew at first hand what annexation meant.

There is no record of Paracelsus' knowledge of Greek, and as, at least in his student days, the most important works of Greek medicine were very imperfectly known, it is probable he had little first hand acquaintance with Galen or Hippocrates, while his breach with the humanists is the more conspicuous from his lecturing and writing chiefly in his native German.

These act as endowments for a specific period, and are conditional on the holder devoting his time to the investigation at first hand of some specified subject.

Nor let the obvious and first hand meaning of what I said about my flesh and blood disturb you when you hear it.