Sentence Examples with the word Firms

The first instalment of this loan, to be issued in 1904, was guaranteed by the great mining firms of Johannesburg.

A good many firms venture occasionally to buy in anticipation of their customers' needs, especially when they expect a rising market.

European firms who had lost goods during these troubles were afterwards indemnified by the Persian government.

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Cement works have acquired an extension previously unknown, more than thirty firms being now engaged in that branch of industry.

Machine-making on a large scale is carried on by firms widely celebrated for the construction of locomotives, railway trucks and carriages, steamboilers and motors, turbines, pumps, metal bridges and roofs.

Salviati (1816-1890) rediscovered many of the old processes, and eight firms are engaged in the trade, the most renowed being the Venezia Murano Company and Salviati.

The terms on which business is conducted are various even in a single market, and it is sometimes a reproach that British firms are old-fashioned in their reluctance to give credit.

Several banking firms and many individual creditors were ruined by the death of the pope.

These seizures created much indignation and anxiety among firms in England whose interests were involved.

However, in November 1907, when the national assembly or council demanded a budget and made inquiries as to the financial position, it was found that the expenditure foz some years past had been half a million sterling per annum in excess of the receipts and that considerable sums were owing to banks and commercial firms who had lent money.