Sentence Examples with the word Firemen

The cars never pause to look at it; yet I fancy that the engineers and firemen and brakemen, and those passengers who have a season ticket and see it often, are better men for the sight.

High) to the firemen lost in a great fire in 1890, besides many smaller memorials.

A large number of the inscriptions are also connected with the various guilds - firemen (centonarii), carpenters and metal workers (fabri), boatmen, lightermen and others (see J.

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On the right (N.) are some small well-preserved thermae, and the barracks of the firemen (vigiles), a special cohort of whom was stationed here.

Meanwhile, in 1880 he was elected secretary and treasurer of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and was chosen editor of the Locomotive Firemen's Magazine.

Just then, one of the attending firemen tested the hose with a tentative burst, scattering a curbside group that screamed in delight.