Sentence Examples with the word Fire

He nipped her neck, and she gasped, yearning and fire tearing through her.

Dry stannous oxide, if touched with a glowing body, catches fire and burns to stannic oxide, Sn02.

The turtle is also found, the carapace being exported as tortoiseshell, the animal being gently roasted or boiled alive over a slow fire to facilitate the separation of the shell from the flesh.

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Just as the leading German troops were approaching St Hubert the French again began to fire, their bullets plunging down among the fresh arrivals, who knowing nothing of what had taken place about St Hubert (where the remnant of their own infantry were still offering a desperate resistance) opened fire into the backs of their own men, and a fourth panic began which soon spread to the stragglers crowding the Mance ravine.

But when dispatching him he recalled Petya's mad action at the battle of Vyazma, where instead of riding by the road to the place to which he had been sent, he had galloped to the advanced line under the fire of the French and had there twice fired his pistol.

After you beat me and win the election, there's no way you can fire me.

It appears, therefore, from the above list, that the expression, animal life, is nearly synonymous with the expression, animal heat; for while Food may be regarded as the Fuel which keeps up the fire within us--and Fuel serves only to prepare that Food or to increase the warmth of our bodies by addition from without--Shelter and Clothing also serve only to retain the heat thus generated and absorbed.

If it was Tessa or Dulce, she needed to fight fire with fire.

Corps moving off at that hour early met stubborn resistance and suffered from flanking fire from the south.

Self-defense. I figured when you won, you'd fire me.