Sentence Examples with the word Files

Yet, he had invited her to look at his files many times.

Martha sat at her desk, busy with files and paper work, a scowl on her face.

She maintained her files on an old computer used exclusively for word processing.

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The files had been there all along and he had given her passwords and permission to look at them since they were first married.

Mitjans, Estudio sobre el movimiento cientifico y literario de Cuba (Havana, 1890); biographies of Varela and Luz Caballero by Rodriguez (see below); files of La Revista de Cuba (16 vols., Havana, 1877-1884) and La Revista Cubana (21 vols., Havana, 1885-1895).

A belaying pin is found too large to be easily inserted into its hole: the carpenter claps it into one of his ever-ready vices, and straightway files it smaller.

A workman sitting at a balance files the edges of the piece and weighs it until it is within the remedy.

We have explored how the Digital Echo files will allow everyone to study human illness.

The latter has a central strand consisting of files of large hydroids, separated from one another by very thin walls, each file being separated from its neighbor by stout, dark-brown walls.

He also mentioned the files missing from Rosewater and Atherton but was silent on Arthur's note to Cynthia Byrne.