Sentence Examples with the word Fields

I can see plenty of nice gardens and fields down below us, at the edge of this city.

Only a very small proportion of the decline in the price of wheat since 1880 is due to cheapened transport rates; for while the mileage rate has been falling, the length of haulage has been extending, until in 1900 the principal wheat fields of America were 2000 m.

In 1812 it is said that locusts covered some fields in Fuerteventura to the depth of 4 ft.

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Locality thus becomes an important point in the conception of the numen: the household spirits must be worshipped at the door, the hearth, the store-cupboard, and the external spirits of the fields and countryside have their sacred hill-tops or groves.

In Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, and along the line of the Rocky Mountains, extensive fields occur, producing lignite and bituminous coal.

Coleman, Scenes from the Snow Fields (1859); Sir Martin Conway, The Alps from End to End (1895); A.

From both fields they hoped to expel the evils which were summed up in the word barbarism.

It is noticeable that some of the fields in the territory of the ancient Faventia still preserve the exact size of the ancient Roman centuria of zoo iugeri (E.

The land around it was rugged, with only a few fields in the midst of a vast forest.

She kept the doors locked and pulled Brutus in from the fields to walk with them when they did chores.