Sentence Examples with the word Fidelity

His exegesis, which was dominated by his polemics against the Jews, is characterized by a fidelity to the literal sense, the comparison with the Hebrew text, the direct use of Jewish commentators, a very independent attitude towards traditional interpretations, and a remarkable historical and critical sense.

Many attempts were made to shake his fidelity to the lost cause of the Stuarts, but he continued indomitable to the end.

Although it must be admitted that the tenacity of the Lombard republics contributed powerfully to the pope's victory, and that the triumph of the Milanese at Legnano (1176) was the determining cause of Frederick's submission at Venice, yet we must not exaggerate the importance of the solemn act by which Barbarossa, kneeling before his conqueror, recognized the spiritual supremacy of the Holy See, and swore fidelity and respect to it.

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On his fidelity the king had to rely both for military aid in times of baronial revolt and for the collection of the money which formed the sinews of war.

In 802 he ordered that a new oath of fidelity to him as emperor should be taken by all his subjects over twelve years of age.

In Sicily, which for centuries had enjoyed a feudal constitution modernized and Anglicized under British auspices in 1812, and where anti-Neapolitan feeling was strong, autonomy was suppressed, the constitution abolished in 1816, and the island, as a reward for its fidelity to the dynasty, converted into a Neapolitan province governed by Neapolitan bureaucrats.

They are monogamous, and their conjugal fidelity contrasts strongly with the vicious habits of the Sinhalese.

They are easily taught to retrieve on land or water, and their strength, intelligence and fidelity make them specially suitable as watchdogs or guardians.

Had gained secure possession of the throne, Arabella was received at court and treated with favour, and she showed her fidelity to James by revealing a communication made to her by the conspirators in the Main and Bye Plots, in which her name had been used without her sanction.

In point of detail, it is now impossible to draw a sharp distinction between that which they found surviving ready to their hand and that which they themselves added, or to define how far they reproduced the traditional fragments with verbal fidelity or indulged in revision and remoulding.