Sentence Examples with the word Fever

The absence or extreme paucity of mosquitoes no doubt accounts for the infrequency of malarial fever in the interior.

A garrison of imperial troops was maintained until 1871, when the troops were withdrawn after many deaths from fever and dysentery had occurred among them.

Hog cholera or swine fever has been almost eradicated.

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In Smolensk, at the Malakhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town--and Smolensk held out all day long.

In 1809 risings took place in Venezuela, in Ecuador, in Upper Peru and in the Argentine; the revolutionary fever spread to Chile, and on the 18th of September 1810 the cabildo of Santiago secured the resignation of the governor and vested his powers in an elected Junta (board) of seven members.

From there, the night was a blurry fever dream.

The climate is mild and healthy, although serious epidemics of yellow fever and typhus have occurred.

Remittent fever is much more fatal in its direct attack.

Scarcely, however, had he sailed from Brindisi when he fell sick of a fever which had been raging for some time among the ranks of his army, while they waited for the crossing.

This Comstock fever belongs to Californian rather than to Nevadan history, and is one of the most extraordinary in mining annals.