Sentence Examples with the word Feste

Mommsen, Feste der Stadt Athen, p. 365 foll.) that the festival, originally held in autumn, was subsequently placed later, so as to synchronize with the winter Dionysia.

P. Nilsson, Studia de Dionysus Atticis (1900) and Griechische Feste (1906); G.

Mommsen, Feste der Stadt Athen (1898); E.

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They include Psychopathia Spiritualis (1892); Eine Junkerrevolte (1899); Wilhelm Liebknecht (1900); Feste der Festlosen (1903), and Die Neue Zeit (1919).

The most interesting room in this building is that which was occupied by Luther in 1530, where the surroundings may have inspired, though (as is now proved) he did not compose, the famous hymn, Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott; the bed on which he slept, and the pulpit from which he preached in the old chapel are shown.

Mommsen, Feste der Stadt Athen (1898); A.

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