Sentence Examples with the word Ferries

In British territory there are no bridges, and the ferries are the same as those maintained before annexation.

Electric tramways and omnibuses serve all parts of the city, and numerous ferries ply across the river.

Despite competition from the Mersey tunnel, these ferries continue to transport millions of passengers annually, and have a considerable share in the heavy goods traffic.

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Ferries or traghetti for crossing the canals were also established as early as the 13th century; we find record of ferries at San Gregorio, San Felice, San Toma, San Samuele, and so on, and also of longer ferries to the outlying islands like Murano and Chioggia, or to the mainland at Mestre and Fusina.

And opposite New York city, with which it is connected by ferries and by two subway lines through tunnels under the river.

During the Roman period, and almost to the end of the Arab supremacy, there were bridges on all the great lines of communication between eastern and western Palestine, and ferries at other places.

Ice-breaking car ferries run across the lake all winter.

The harbour of Port Blair is well supplied with buoys and harbour lights, and is crossed by ferries at fixed intervals, while there are several launches for hauling local traffic. On Ross Island there is a lighthouse visible for 19 m.

In addition to the provision and maintenance of roads and the construction of public buildings, the department of public works also provides all works of a public nature, such as water-supply, sanitation, embankments, lighthouses, ferries and bridges, and which require technical skill.

The Wantsume was guarded by the Roman strongholds of Regulbium (Reculver) in the north and Rutupiae (Richborough) in the south, and was crossed by ferries at Sarre and Wade.