Sentence Examples with the word Ferret

As the ferret enters the hole the rabbits flee before it, and are shot or caught by dogs as they break ground.

The ferret is remarkably prolific, the female bringing forth two broods annually, each numbering from six to nine young.

The ferret was well known to the Romans, Strabo stating that it, was brought from Africa into Spain, and Pliny that it was employed in his time in rabbithunting, under the name Viverra; the English name is not derived from this, but from Fr.

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The ferret should be kept in dry, clean, well-ventilated hutches, and fed twice daily on bread, milk, and meat, such as rabbits' and fowls' livers.

The ferret attains a length of about 1 4 in., exclusive of the tail, which measures 5 in.