Sentence Examples with the word Ferrer

ST VINCENT FERRER (1355-1419), Spanish Dominican preacher, was born of respectable parentage at Valencia on the 23rd of January 1355.

Zend asha for Sanskrit tha, Old Persian aria (in dy taxerxes); fravashi for Pahlavi fravardln, New Persian ferrer tn ie spirits of the dead).

Made Ferrer his confessor and master of the sacred palace.

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Vincenzo Ferrer intorno al grande schisma d'Occidente, ed.

Vincenzo Ferrer intorno al Grande Scisma d'Occidente (Bologna, 1906).

Rodriguez Ferrer (see above); and especially A.

At the end of October 1909 he was appointed captain-general at Barcelona, where the disturbances connected with the execution of Francisco Ferrer were quelled by him without bloodshed.

The opening of the October session of the Cortes was signalized by a furious attack by Seor Moret on Seores Maura and La Cierva, who were accused of having Fitliof sacrificed Ferrer to the resentment of their clerical Maura.