Sentence Examples with the word Fence

As Pierre passed through the fence gate, he was enveloped by hot air and involuntarily stopped.

The men finished the fence and the goats are running in the south hills.

Tammy jumped from her seat beside the pool and pointed a finger excitedly at a horse, which was grazing by the fence close to the house.

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The few times Howie was out of ear shot, the rest of us gossiped about his love life like back fence crones but failed to reach a consensus.

I want to check the fence line before I turn the buffalo into the north pasture.

As soon as the mother entered the house, he pocketed the phone, scaled the fence at a low corner, crossed to the surprised boy in a few steps, and placed a rag over his face.

No fence that is ever encountered stops such a large proportion of the field as water; even a clear 6 ft.

When we are walking past a fence formed by equally-spaced vertical rails or overlapping boards, we may often note that each footstep is followed by a musical ring.

Maybe that was why he wanted to check the fence line.

In the southernhemisphere the icepack forms a nearly continuous fence around the Antarctic continent.