Sentence Examples with the word Female

Each female lays a vast number of eggs, about 500,000 being the estimated amount.

The female flowers of the Taxaceae assume another form; in Microcachrys (Tasmania) the reproductive structures are spirally disposed, and form small globular cones made up of red fleshy scales, to each of which is attached a single ovule enclosed by an integument and partially invested by an arillus; in Dacrydium the carpellary leaves are very similar to the foliage leaves - each bears one ovule with two integuments, the outer of which constitutes an arillus.

She recognized the female death-dealer at once.

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She picked up her book and walked past the female Guardian, who watched her go, puzzled.

The next step is illustrated by the female gonophores of Cladocoryne, where the radial and ring-canals F G H Modified from Weismann, Entstehung der Sexualzellen bei den Hydromedusen.

D, A female with one half of the body-wall taken away to show the coiling generative organs.

No shell, a carinated mantle covering the whole body; male and female apertures distant, the female near the anus.

The Ophite system had its Trinity: (I) the Universal God, the First Man, (2) his conception (g vvoca), the Second Man, (3) a female Holy Spirit.

In all Trichoptera the maxillary palps of the female are fivesegmented.

In the male flowers, which are numerous, the stamens are sixteen in number and arranged in pairs; the female flowers are solitary, with traces of stamens, and a smooth ovary with one ovule in each of the eight cells - the ovary is surmounted by four styles, which are hairy at the base.