Sentence Examples with the word Felonies

C. 24 that no other person has power to pardon or remit any treasons or felonies whatsoever.

Capital punishment was confined to treason and murder; the former was not to be attended by corruption of blood, drawing, or quartering; all other felonies were made punishable by confinement and hard labour, save a few to which was applied, against Jefferson's desire, the principle of retaliation.

A system began of making certain crimes, which previously had been only of spiritual cognizance, felonies (25 Hen.

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In the case of capital felonies other than murder the recording of sentence of death has the effect of a reprieve by the court.

In those days victims of robberies constantly compounded with felonies and paid blackmail to thieves, promising not to prosecute on the restitution of a portion of the stolen property.