Sentence Examples with the word Fed

Tim stood in his black fed uniform, comfortable with the soldiers eyeing him.

She had no authority to access anything and no ability to see the emerops facilities or fed facilities.

Of permanent success, though, feebly fed by French subsidies and French volunteers, it lingered on for four years, till finally suppressed in 1772.

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Young horses that are too highly fed are apt to become weak-limbed and top-heavy.

She claims a red headed young guy took real good care of her, fed her and let her play video games.

Lana tilted it out far enough to see it was a box of chocolates with the nearby fed hospital's seal on the top.

You fed your baby goats with a bottle.

Its one large river is the Guadiana, which traverses the north of the province from east to west, fed by many tributaries; but it is only at certain seasons that the river-beds fill with any considerable volume of water, and the Guadiana may frequently be forded without difficulty.

He tells how, when he had slowly taken in the doctrine of logical figures and moods, he put it aside and would prove things only in his own way; how he then heard about bodies as consisting of matter and form, as throwing off species of themselves for perception, and as moved by sympathies and antipathies, with much else of a like sort, all beyond his comprehension; and how he therefore turned to his old books again, fed his mind on maps and charts of earth and sky, traced the sun in his path, followed Drake and Cavendish girdling the main, and gazed with delight upon pictured haunts of men and wonders of unknown lands.

She scooped up some oats and fed each of the horses.