Sentence Examples with the word Fe

The province is traversed by the Tucuman extension of the Buenos Aires and Rosario railway, by a French line from Santa Fe to Tucuman, and by a branch of the Central Northern (Cordoba section) railway.

On the 1st of July 1900 the first train of the Santa Fe left San Francisco for the East; a significant event, as there had before been practically only one railway corporation (the Southern Pacific) controlling trans-continental traffic at San Fran-, cisco since 1869.

These are cementite, a definite iron carbide, Fe 3 C, harder than glass and nearly as brittle, but probably very strong under gradually and axially applied stress; and ferrite, pure or nearly pure metallic a-iron, soft, weak, with high electric conductivity, and in general like copper except in colour.

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For higher and professional education there are two national universities at Buenos Aires and Cordoba, and three provincial universities, at La Plata, Santa Fe and Parana, which comprise faculties of law, medicine and engineering, in addition to the usual courses in arts and science.

The chief centres of production are the Raton field, in Colfax county; the Durango-Gallup field, in McKinley and Rio Arriba counties; the Whiteoaks field, in Lincoln county; and the Los Cerillos and Tejon areas, in Santa Fe county.

Further renewal of water will cause first liquefaction, as the curve CD is passed, and then resolidification to Fe 2 C1 6.7H 2 0 when DE is cut.

Before 1850 it was practically the exclusive eastern terminus on the river for the Santa Fe trade, 2 and a great outfitting point for Californian emigrants.

Lexington succeeded Sibley as the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe trade, and was in turn displaced by Independence; it long owed its prosperity to the freighting trade up the Missouri, and at the opening of the Civil War it was the most important river town between St Louis and St Joseph and commanded the approach by water to Fort Leavenworth.

The chief manufactures of Santa Fe are brick, pottery (made by Pueblo Indians), and filigree jewelry (made by Mexican artisans).

The armies of the opposing met at Pavon in the province of Santa Fe (September 17).