Sentence Examples with the word Fay

This fay by enchantment built the castle of Lusignan for her husband.

De C. du Fay (1699-1739) made the great discovery that electricity is of two kinds, vitreous and resinous (Phil.

It is to du Fay also that we owe the abolition of the distinction between electrics and non-electrics.

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Poetry and belles lettres still o e continued to occupy the chief place in the native literature, la8nguage 1 but under Kazinczy and his immediate followers Berzsenyi, 807- Kolcsey, Fay and others, a correctness of style and ex- 1830).

De C. du Fay on the conductivity of some bodies for the electric agency and the dual character of electrification gave rise to the first notions of ., electricity as an imponderable fluid, or non-gravitative subtile matter, of a more refined and penetrating kind than ordinary liquids and gases.

Original romance writing, which may be said to have commenced with Dugonics and Kaman at the close of the 18th, and to have found a representative in Francis Verseghy at the beginning of the 19th century, was afterwards revived by Fay in his Belteky hdz (1832), and by the contributors to certain literary magazines, especially the Aurora, an almanack conducted by Charles Kisfaludy, 1821-1830, and continued by Joseph Bajza to 1837.