Sentence Examples with the word Favorites

A raging mob surrounded the palace, clamouring for Godoys head; and the favorites life was only saved by Charles TVs announcement of his abdication in favor of Ferdinand (March 17).

Williams favorites had all to lose by his death.

In the next year he returned in arms, raised Wessex in revolt, and compelled the king to in-law him again, to restore his earldom, and to dismiss with ignominy the Norman favorites who were hunted over seas.

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Most of Edwards favorites had literary tastes.

The last crowning disaster of the administration of the favorites of Henry VI.

Turquan, Les Favorites de Louis XVIII.

They might not be so personally odious as the favorites of Edward II.

Thus the Albanians became the favorites of the people, and took advantage of their opportunity.

His chosen ministers were wise and experienced officials, whom no man could call favorites or accuse of maladministration.

But he soon fell back under the control of less capable favorites than Olivares.