Sentence Examples with the word Favor

Rhyn snorted and faced Sasha, the brother charged with governing Australia, and the first to abandon the Council in favor of serving the Dark One.

R011fl Several of its members were in favor of assimilating the borough franchise to that in force in municipal elections, and practically conferring a vote on every householder who had three years residence in the constituency.

He'd never forget his single run-in with one of the Others, a group of Watchers working to destroy the mortal world in favor of an immortal one.

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He does me a favor by allowing you to ride on the animal, and I do him a favor by taking care of it.

The mayor of Venice sent a firm and dignified protest to the government for its inaction, and the people of Liguria raised a large subscription in favor of the troops, in recognition of their gallantry and admirable discipline during the troubles.

When Tigranes had submitted, Pompey received him into favor and extended the Roman supremacy over the vassal states of Gordyene and Osroene; though he had allured the Parthian king with the prospect of the recovery of his old possessions as far as the Euphrates.

After the generals arrival the march upon Borazjan and the engagement at Khushabtwo places on the road to Shirazand the operations at Muhamiah and the Karun River decided the campaign in favor of England.

The republics set up by the French at Naples, Rome and Milan collapsed as soon as the French troops retired; and a reaction in favor of clerical and Austrian influence set in with great violence.

The influence of Giolitti was based largely upon the favor of a court clique, and especially of Rattazzi, minister of the royal household.

The Irish parliament took umbrage at the superiority claimed by England, and threw out the measure as an insult, though, even as it stood, it was undeniably in favor of Ireland.