Sentence Examples with the word Fatigue

The real nature of the action is not well understood, but the word fatigue may be used, if it is not considered to imply more than that the breaking stress under repetition of loading diminishes as the range of variation increases.

Consider that on our retreat we have lost by fatigue and left in the hospital more than fifteen thousand men, and had we attacked this would not have happened.

Those of the nervous system, suffer most; and nerve-cell fatigue is shown by manifestations of neurasthenia.

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Preyer's view is that the essential condition for initiation is fatigue of the will-power under a prolonged effort of undivided attention.

It seemed as if nothing could save the Austrians from complete disaster, but at the critical moment the emperor, yielding to the protestations of his corps commanders, who represented the excessive fatigue of their troops, stopped the pursuit, and the archduke made the most of his opportunity to restore order amongst his demoralized men, and crossed to the north bank of the Danube during the night.

While they took away the fatigue and gave her energy, she could think of nothing but chocolate sundaes and pickles.

Spent with weakness and fatigue he asked leave to rest his head on his companion's lap, and quickly fell into a quiet sleep. As Niccolini tells us, the martyr's face became serene and smiling as a child's.

On his left wing the attacks of the Guard and 2nd divisions (action of Yang-tzu-ling) on the Russian front and flank failed, the frontal attack because of the resolute defence, the flank attack from sheer fatigue of the troops.

The effect of the fatigue substances upon the contraction of the tissue is manifest especially in the relaxation process.

Perhaps it was fatigue from the long journey.