Sentence Examples with the word Father

The father having died of cancer at Montpellier in 1785, Napoleon felt added responsibilites, which he zealously discharged.

Her father farmed 80 acres and her mother worked hard.

The second duke, twice married, was father of at least eleven sons and six daughters, the sons including Edward the lord high admiral, killed in boarding Pregent's galleys at Brest, Edmund the knight marshal of the army at Flodden, and William the first Lord Howard of Effingham.

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Among his publications are Characters and Characteristics of William Law (1893); Bunyan Characters (3 vols., 1894); Samuel Rutherford (1894); An Appreciation of Jacob Behmen (1895) Lancelot Andrewes and his Private Devotions (1895); Bible Characters (7 vols., 1897); Santa Teresa (1897); Father John of Cronstadt (1898); An Appreciation of Browne's Religio Medici (1898); Cardinal Newman, An Appreciation (1901).

JOHN GLAS (1695-1773), Scottish divine, was born at Auchtermuchty, Fife, where his father was parish minister, on the 5th of October 1695.

He succeeded his grandfather Leotychides upon the banishment of the latter, his father having already died.

He, however, like his father Alp Arslan, was indebted for his greatest fame to wise and salutary measures of their vizier, Nizam ul-Mulk.

Her father says he is going to fit up a gymnasium for her in the pump-house; but we both like a good romp better than set exercises.

George Rakoczy II., who succeeded his father in 1648, the Turkish empire, misruled by a series of incompetent sultans and distracted by internal dissensions, was unable to intervene in Hungarian politics.

Meanwhile, he assisted his father in his financial labours, but still found time to write some of his earliest works.