Sentence Examples with the word Fath

The official report, promulgated by his successor, was that Fath b.

Now, however, that she marched her army against the place, Firuzu d-Din called in the aid of his brother Mahmud Shah of Kabul, who sent to him the famous vizier, Fath Khan Barakzai.

He had collected a small army in Mazandaran, and was supported by Fath Au Khan, the powerful chief of the Kajar tribe.

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Now that the narrative of Persian kings has been brought up to the period of the consolidation of the Kajar dynasty and commencement of the 19th century, there remains but to summarize the principal events in the reigns of Fath Ali Shah and his immediate successors, Mahommed Shah and Nasru d-Din Shah.

I67o), and Shaukat, the governor of ShIraz under Fath All Shah.

The fugitive shah was joined by Nadir Kuli, a robber chief, who murdered Fath Ali, and, having easily appeased the shah, received the command of the royal army.

Little more remains to be here narrated of the days of Fath Ali Shah.

It was known as the Band i Kaisar (the Caesar's Dike), but after having been repaired by Mahommed Ali Mirza, a son of Fath Ali Shah, in the early part of the 19th century, it was called Band i Shahzadeh, or Prince's Dike.

It was in Fath Ali Shahs reign that Henry Martyn was in Persia, and completed his able translation of the New Testament into the language of that country.

Vizier, Var Mahommed, had broken those engagements and pledges on the strength of which Fath Ali Shah had withdrawn his troops.