Sentence Examples with the word Fat

Go on... harder, harder! he muttered, hunching his back and presenting his fat shoulders.

Noticing that the light was growing dim he picked up his nine piglets, patted each one lovingly on its fat little head, and placed them carefully in his inside pocket.

The saponification value (saponification number) denotes the number of milligrams which one gramme of an oil or fat requires for saponification, or, in other words, for the neutralization of the total fatty acids contained in an oil or fat.

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A few pieces of fat pine were a great treasure.

The cave-dweller who first collected the fat dripping off the deer on the roasting spit may well be looked upon as the first manufacturer of tallow.

A curious fact, which may be used for the detection of the minutest quantity of oils and fats, is that camphor crushed between layers of paper without having been touched with the fingers rotates when thrown on clean water, the rotation ceasing immediately when a trace of oil or fat is added, such as introduced by touching the water with a needle which has been passed previously through the hair.

The United Ste tes takes the foremost place in the world for the production of cottonseed and maize oils, lard, bone fat and fish oils.

I told him a big fat lie in front of you this past weekend.

But it still contains a large amount of oil, which forms animal fat and heat, and thus makes up for part of its deficiency in carbohydrates.

The market man showed him a fat turkey, plump and white and ready for roasting.