Sentence Examples with the word Fasted

Ordinarily the sinful cleric prayed and fasted at his own discretion, and nothing is said of his confessing his sins.

After having taken medicine, and fasted for three days, all the fire in the town is extinguished.

Or in consequence of the fast, the person fasted upon was held guilty of murder.

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If a plaintiff having duly fasted did not receive within a certain time the satisfaction of his claim, he was entitled.

A man named Jacques in this way fasted at Edinburgh for thirty days in 1888, and in London for forty-two days in 1890, and for fifty days in 1891; and an Italian named Succi fasted for forty days in 1890.

They read the Greek Testament and the classics; fasted on Wednesday and Friday; received the Lord's Supper every week; and brought all their life under review.

A point of high practical interest is the ratio of carcase weight to fasted live weight, and in the case of prizewinning carcases these ratios usually fluctuate within very narrow limits.

M. de Beausset, the man so fond of travel, having fasted since morning, came up to the Emperor and ventured respectfully to suggest lunch to His Majesty.

The Romans fasted three weeks continuously before Easter (Saturdays and Sundays excepted).

He wore sackcloth, made his bed in ashes, and fasted or used only the very plainest fare.