Sentence Examples with the word Farmed

Until 1899 all the customs were farmed out (1898-1899 for 300,000),, but in March of that year the farm system was abolished in the two provinces of Azerbaijan and Kermgnshh, and, the experiment there proving successful, in all other provinces in the following year.

The Persian lines are farmed out for 1,800,000 krans (about 36,000) per annum and no statistics are published.

From an early date the collection of the taxes had been farmed out to companies of contractors (societates vectigales), who became a by-word for rapacity.

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The chief export from the group is wool, grown upon runs farmed both by Europeans and Morioris.

Of Eshowe, lies in the centre of a district farmed by Boers.

Of the Pharaohs was a country of great estates farmed Egypt either by tenants or by slaves or labourers under the superintendence of stewards.

When this is done, the revenues to be farmed are put up to public auction and sold to the highest bidder, provided he can prove himself amply solvent and produce sufficient sureties.

Until March 1899 all the customs were farmed out, but since then they have been organized on European principles, with the help of Belgian officials.

She made the long-neglected garden profitable; kept pigs and poultry; rented other gardens; stocked a fishpond; farmed in a small way; and had her house full of boarders.

Her father farmed 80 acres and her mother worked hard.