Sentence Examples with the word Fared

Much was done for the organization of the huge empire; agriculture and commerce flourished; the revenues were increasing, whilst the people fared well.

In the year 1009 the Danes frequently attacked London, but they had no success, and fared ill in their .attempts.

The Dynastic, Liberal and Independent press, the illustrated papers and the satirical weeklies fared no better than the Republicans, Socialists and Carlists, and in 60 days 1260 prosecutions were ordered against Madrid and provincial papers.

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The English fared ill, and Henry horrified his council by his usual proposal to kidnap the king of Scotland.

An industrial commission appointed during this year by President Kruger fared no better than the high court had done.

The Jameson conspiracy fared no worse and no better than the great majority of conspiracies in history.

The proposal came to nothing, and fared no better when revived at subsequent conferences, owing to the opposition of Great Britain and of Spain herself.

His colleague, Yussuf Pasha, in East Hellas fared no better; here, too, the Turks gained some initial successes, but in the end the harassing tactics of Kolokotrones and his guerilla bands forced them back into the plain of the Kephissos.

The towns would seem to have fared better than the countryside, partly indeed at its expense, for the discontented peasantry migrated in large numbers to the centres of population where newly-developed manufactures were calling for more hands.

The two cities afterwards fared accordingly.