Sentence Examples with the word Fanone

The fanone was originally a cloth like the amice and was wrapped round neck and From Braun, Liturgische Gewandung.

Akin to the amice is a vestment peculiar to the popes, the fanone (Med.

Finally, the pope, when celebrating mass, wears the same vestments as an ordinary bishop, with the addition of the subcinctorium (see ALB), a dalmatic, worn over the tunicle and under the chasuble, and the orale or fanone (see Amice).

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Of these again, according to the fully developed rules of the Catholic Church, there are three classes: (I) vestments worn only at the celebration of mass - chasuble, maniple, pontifical gloves, pontifical shoes, the pallium and the papal fanone and subcinctorium; (2) vestments never worn at mass, but at other liturgical functions, such as processions, administration of the sacraments, solemn choir services, i.e.

Over the chasuble he wears the fanone (see Amice); and after that the pallium.