Sentence Examples with the word Fang

The three principal tribes in the Gabun are the Mpongwe, the Fang and the Bakalai.

Gentile Christians had not felt the fang of the Law as the ex-Pharisee had occasion to feel it.

In the other venomous snakes (viperines and crotalines) the maxillary bone is very short, and is armed with a single very long curved fang with a canal and aperture at each end.

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In later times this gradual pressure from the south-east became greater, and resulted, at a comparatively recent date, in the irruption of the Fang into the Gabun.

In 1887 in 3 vols., and used even by Protestant missionaries) and a cosmography (Iche fang wai ki Hang-chow, 1623, 6 vols.), which was translated into Manchu under the title The True Origin of io,000 Things, a copy of which was sent from Pekin to Paris in 1789.

Or fang closing inwards nearly or quite at right (Original.) angles to the long axis of the body.

North of the latter lies the Gabun, with a large number of small tribes dominated by the Fang who are recent arrivals from the Congo.

The chairs on the British system weigh about 45 or 50 lb each on important lines, though they may be less where the traffic is light, and are fixed to the sleepers each by two, three or four fastenings, either screw spikes, or round drift bolts entered in holes previously bored, or fang bolts or wooden trenails.