Sentence Examples with the word Fan

His best advisers urged him to turn all his forces against the panicstricken Muscovites; to go into winter-quarters amongst them and live at their expense; to fan into a flame the smouldering discontent caused by the reforms of Peter the Great, and so disable Russia for some time to come.

You are a fan of choices, Eden, the Watcher continued.

If I holler, fan out and make a circle.

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His first real success with the larger public was as a dramatist with Lady Windermere's Fan at the St James's Theatre in 1892, followed by A Woman of No Importance (1893), An Ideal Husband (1895) and The Importance of (1895).

Fred O'Connor, Dean's elderly stepfather, was an avid fan of a mystery, primarily in written form, often in his imagination and occasionally in his real life world.

I am a huge fan of heritage meats.

The church, however, was almost wholly reconstructed in the Perpendicular period, and is a fine example of that style, the interior gaining in beauty from the scheme of colour-decoration in the choir, while the magnificent stone-vaulted roof with fan tracery, extending throughout the church, excepting the south transept, is unsurpassed.

It is the neglect of this which constitutes the principal fault in carrying out the English fan system, as it is usually practised.

In 1614, at the instance of the Arminian party, an edict was passed by the states-general, in which toleration of the opinions of both parties was declared and further controversy forbidden; but this act only served, by rousing the jealousy of the Calvinists, to fan the controversial flame into greater fury.

Light poured in from a large window, and a fan overhead made the curtains flutter.