Sentence Examples with the word Family Room

Alex was lounging with one shoulder against the wall on the other side of the family room when Carmen walked in.

At the end of February, Carmen was playing a game with Destiny on the family room floor when Alex came home early.

He followed her to the family room and made sure she was safely lying down before he left.

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Jonathan was playing cars with Destiny in the family room floor while Carmen straightened up the clutter left by so many people.

The radio was playing a waltz as she walked through the family room and she moved to the sway of it, dancing with an imaginary friend.

They trekked back down the hallway to the family room and then into a spacious kitchen.

He turned and headed for the family room door again.

He pushed his chair away from the table and crossed to the family room doorway.

She paused in the kitchen doorway, envisioning the family room redecorated.

Alex was in the family room and Jonathan was still in his room, so she went searching for Alex to help her with the zipper.