Sentence Examples with the word False

Valla by one vigorous effort destroyed the False Decretals and exposed the Donation of Constantine to ridicule, paving the way for the polemic carried on against the dubious pretensions of the papal throne by scholars of the Reformation.

As on former occasions the representatives of the East were at first deceived by false representations; they were betrayed into recognition of papal supremacy, and tricked into signing what could afterwards be represented as a submission to Western doctrine.

The reason why two levels are employed is that sometimes crystals are formed by the decomposition of the glass which cause the bubble to stick at different points and so give false readings.

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If an arrest were made, Wild had a plentiful supply of false evidence at hand to establish his agents' alibi, and he did not hesitate to obtain the conviction, by similar means, of such thieves as refused to recognize his authority.

A false interpretation of Gregory of Tours, apparently dating from 724, represented St Denis as having received his mission from Pope Clement, and as having suffered martyrdom under Domitian (81-96).

Each looked for support to a different Merovingian king, Ebroin even proclaiming a false Merovingian as sovereign.

Philosophy, as thus perfected, would not be a mere aggregation of systems, as is ignorantly supposed, but an integration of the truth in each system after the false or incomplete is discarded.

Coloman was twice married, (1) in 1097 to Buzella, daughter of Roger, duke of Calabria, the chief supporter of the pope, and (2) in 1112 to the Russian princess, Euphemia, who played him false and was sent back in disgrace to her kinsfolk the following year.

Towards the end of the 11th century, under the 1 The collection of the False Decretals has been published with a long critical introduction by P. Hinschius, Decretales PseudoIsidorianae et capitula Angilramni (Leipzig, 1863).

Ney failed to grasp and hold Wellington on the critical 17th June; and on the 17th and 18th Grouchy's feeble and false manoeuvres enabled Blucher to march and j oin Wellington at Waterloo.