Sentence Examples with the word Faint

It was past nine when Alex and Josh paid their bills, and the faint sound of thunder met them at the door.

He winked with a faint smile, and she relaxed.

While the candle itself was too faint or too distant to be visible.

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Dusty shook his head, though Damian saw his faint smile.

Dawn lined the horizon in faint yellow.

Moreover, while the faint markings on the foals born after hybrids completely disappeared with the foals' coat, the stripes on the three pure-bred colts persisted.

The legendary kings are but faint echoes of the kings of Biainas; the story of Semiramis and Ara is but another form of the myth of Venus and Adonis; and tradition has clothed Tigranes, the reputed friend of Cyrus, with the transient glory of the opponent of Lucullus.

Per second, and rendering luminous as it reached them the particles of a pre-existing nebula, whose own light had been too faint to be visible.

She sighed and breathed in the scent of his warm skin and the lingering, faint smell of blood.

Side-by-side, they didn't look much alike: his was a deep, rich ruby hue with a faint glow.