Sentence Examples with the word Failures

The history of the initial failures and final success in laying the Atlantic cable has been well told by Mr. Charles Bright (see The Story of the Atlantic Cable, London, 1903).1 The first cable laid in 1857 broke on the IIth of August during laying.

Commodore Sir Home Popham persuaded Sir David to lend him troops for an expedition against Buenos Aires; the successive failures of operations against this place involved the recall of Baird, though on his return home he was quickly re-employed as a divisional general in the Copenhagen expedition of 1807.

Lowe was a rather cut-anddry economist, who prided himself that during his four years of office he took twelve millions off taxation; but later opinion has hardly accepted his removal of the shilling registration duty on corn (1869) as good statesmanship, and his failures are remembered rather than his successes.

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His early exploits against the English were failures and revealed in the young prince both avarice and stubborn persistence in projects obviously ill-advised.

After these failures Caesar determined to take no active part in politics for a time, and retraced his steps to the East in order to study rhetoric under Molon, at Rhodes.

In the case of quotations we must allow for failures of memory.

Of the 19th century as a ready means of explaining the failures and difficulties of the doctrine of design, fell into its proper place under the new dispensation.

Operating in this way there is no difficulty in obtaining surfaces upon which a drop of water spreads, although from causes that cannot always be traced, a certain proportion of failures is met with.

Moreover, it was found that all the failures of coagulation occurred when the nucleo-proteid used was obtained from pigmented animals.

Only after many failures has the fact been grasped that a very high degree of strength is inconsistent with a trustworthy degree of elasticity.