Sentence Examples with the word Faber

BASIL FABER (1520 - c. 1576), Lutheran schoolmaster and theologian, was born at Sorau, in lower Lusatia, in 1520.

During the absence of Ignatius, Faber gained three more adherents.

In 1849 a branch of the oratory - subsequently independent - was established in London, first in King William Street, and afterwards at Brompton, over which Faber presided till his death on the 26th of September 1863.

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He received his early education at the famous Latin school of Schlettstadt, and afterwards (1503) went to Paris, where he came under the influence of Jacobus Faber Stapulensis, an eminent Aristotelian.

Finding it impossible to keep this part of their vow, the fathers met at Vicenza, where Ignatius was staying in a ruined monastery; and here after deliberation it was determined that he, Laynez and Faber should go to Rome to place the little band at the disposal of the pope.

It found its first adherents and its first defenders among the clerics and learned men grouped around Faber (Lefvre) of Etaples at Meaux; while Marguerite of Navarre, des Roynes la non.

Francis being in captivity after the battle of Pavia (February 25, 1525), Faber was condemned and his works suppressed by commission of the parlement; these measures were quashed on the return of Francis some months later.

Whatever may have been his private hopes and intentions, it was not until he, Laynez and Faber (Pierre Lefevre), in the name of their companions, were sent to lay their services at the feet of the pope that the history of the Society really begins.

The pope appointed Faber to teach Holy Scripture, and Laynez scholastic theology, in the university of the Sapienza.

The confession was turned over to a committee of conservative theologians, including Eck, Faber and Cochlaeus.