Sentence Examples with the word FOOTPRINTS

There were at least three different footprints but they were marred and nearly indistinguishable.

Our knowledge of Devonian forms is still extremely meagre, the only certain proof of the existence of pentadactyle vertebrates at that period resting on the footprints discovered in Pennsylvania and described by O.

Their footprints remained in sand wet enough to become packed but not wet enough to be squishy.

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Fish scales and teeth, with bones and footprints of the Labyrinthodon, are met with in the sandstone.

He walked along the meadow, dragging his feet, rustling the grass, and gazing at the dust that covered his boots; now he took big strides trying to keep to the footprints left on the meadow by the mowers, then he counted his steps, calculating how often he must walk from one strip to another to walk a mile, then he stripped the flowers from the wormwood that grew along a boundary rut, rubbed them in his palms, and smelled their pungent, sweetly bitter scent.

Stoddard, In the Footprints of the Padres (San Francisco, 1900); Bernard Moses, The Establishment of Municipal Government in San Francisco (Johns Hopkins University Studies, 1889).

Certain footprints in the coal measures of Kansas have been supposed to belong to lacertilian or dinosaurian forms.

He added, It conveniently covers up any footprints or evidence up here too.

And since it's snowed a foot or two since then, I'd guess there aren't any footprints to prove you were strolling alone in the woods.

There was no shadow or footprints even though I seemed to be standing on grass.