Sentence Examples with the word FIAT

So long as libertarians contend that what alone possesses moral value is unmotived choice, acts of will of which no explanation can be given save the arbitrary fiat of individual selves at the moment of decision, it is not difficult for determinists to exhibit the absurdities to which their arguments lead.

The type pages were placed on a fiat bed of solid wood or stone, and it was quite a labour to run this bed into its proper position FIG.

Sometimes also a viaduct consisting of a series of arches is preferred to an embankment when the line has to be taken over a piece of fiat alluvial plain, or when it is desired to economize space and to carry the line at a sufficient height to clear the streets, as in the case of various railways entering London and other large towns.

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Mahrattas wear fiat red pagris, with a small conical peak variously shaped and placed.

Blesced be fie man fiat 3ede nou)t in fie counseil of wicked, ne stode nou3t in f)e waie of sin3eres, ne sat nou3t in fals iugement.

Blessed is Pat man fiat haft not gone in fie counsell of wicked men, and in fie weye of sinfull men hap not stonde, and in fie chaire of pestilence sat not.

Ehrenberg), a genus of lobose Rhizopoda, characterized by a chitinous plano-convex shell, the circular aperture central on the fiat ventral face, and more than one nucleus and contractile vacuole.

We need then to develop the alternative, and to pass from the external aspect of all-ness to the intrinsic ground of it in the universal Kau' auTO Kai n ai)TO, which, whatsoever the assistance it receives from induction in some sense of the word, in the course of its development for the individual mind, is secured against dependence on instances by the decisive fiat or guarantee of vas, insight into the systematic nexus of things.

It is not necessary that the bishop himself should personally institute or collate a clerk; he may issue a fiat to his vicargeneral, or to a special commissary for that purpose.

The portion of the duchy lying east of the Elbe is mostly a fiat sandy plain, with extensive pine forests, though interspersed, at intervals, by bog-land and rich pastures.